Nailo's Top 50 Songs of 2018

What's up fellow music enthusiasts?! Nailo here! I'm very stoked to be putting together my first ever Top 50 songs of the year list. I'm excited! I'm pumped! And I hope that some of the music on this list is stuff you've never heard before. That's the goal - discover new music that you may have otherwise never listened to. It's also very possible that you have listened to some of these songs, and, if that's the case, well... I hope you get a kick outta listening to those songs again!

Quick clarification about this list, everything on my Top 50 is music that was new to ME in 2018. That means that some obscure song from the Bee Gees I've never heard before could land on this list - if a song was new to ME in 2018 then it qualified for my Top 50. Also, the #50 song on this list isn't far off from the #1 song on this list. To put this into perspective, my Spotify Wrap of 2018 said I listened to over 6,000 different songs this year. So trying to narrow this down to 50 songs was like trying to fit all your favorite treats in a small enough bag to sneak into the movie theaters.

Now, if you want to follow this playlist on Spotify click here.

I also make a generic favorites playlist every year and continually add to it as the year goes on. This playlist is more formally known as my "Ughhhhh of 2019." If you want to follow my soon-to-be favorites of 2019 click here.

Now, without further ado, I present to you Nailo's Top 50 songs of 2018! Just click the song title for a direct link to the song's YouTube.

50 - 41

#50 - Waiting On You // Two Another

You'll notice I have a lot of Two Another songs on this list. All incredibly groovy and poignant. Who are these guys? Where did they come from? And why aren't they more well known??? From what I have read they have yet to even go on tour or play a live show. Be on the lookout for these dudes to keep making great music in 2019.

#49 - Work // Charlotte Day Wilson

#48 - Shouldn't Have Done That // Two Another

Welp, that didn't take long...

#47 - Get You High // Monogem

#46 - Girl Like You // Toro y Moi

#45 - Keeping Me Under // Two Another

And another one (I really want to say "another two" cause who doesn't like a good dad joke?)

#44 - Add The Bassline // Jordan Rakei

True to its name, this song's bassline truly kicks ass. Whoever this girl is that said to add the bassline really needs a production deal.

#43 - Supernova // The Motet

#42 - You // Mk.Gee

#41 - Um Dia (ft. Gyrefunk & Nurse Boogz) // Mars Today, Gyrefunk, Nurse Boogz

40 - 31

#40 - No Peace // Alfa Mist, Tom Misch

#39 - State Line // The Dip

If you're looking for that 50s-esk horn driven slammer, this is your jam. Clearly a very talented group a musicians who revel in the sounds of a modern day "Happy Days" jukebox.

#38 - Intergalactic // Captain Supernova

You ready to go on a intergalactic space journey? (See what I did there?) Captain Supernova blends funk, soul, and jazz all into one beautifully crafted musical rocket ship headed for a journey beyond musical exploration.

#37 - Nights Over Egypt // The Jones Girls

#36 - Lowdown // Boz Scaggs

Okay, okay, okay, calm down! I know I'm late to the game here but don't we all have musical blind spots??? That's what Lowdown is for me. I can't believe I've never heard this jam until this year but I suppose it's better late than never. Boz Scaggs, you're a pretty cool dude.

#35 - Why // Shawn Mendes

Oh no! A pop artist!! This can't be good!! WRONG. This song is sick. A well crafted, thought out, soulful slow jam that incorporates some excellent chordal structure matched with masterful production. Not all pop music is bad, people, and Shawn Mendes looks like he's on track to be the next.... wait for it.... wait for it.... John Mayer. Mark my words, people. you heard it here first!

#34 - Version of Me // Kimbra

Sad, beautiful, complicated, mysterious, vulnerable, mature... Kimbra, will you marry me?

#33 - Good Disease // Aim, Stephen Jones

#32 - Cold Tears // AM & Shawn Lee

#31 - Stand Tall // Childish Gambino

Everyone knows that song Redbone. But it seems the rest of Childish Gambino's album "Awaken, My Love!" went unnoticed by a lot of people. Stand Tall is a great demonstration of Gambino's prowess as a songwriter and lyricist.

30 - 21

#30 - Somewhere in Between (Swarvy Remix) // Braxton Cook, Swarvy

#29 - Calypso // Jackson Lundy

#28 - Cold Little Heart - Tom Misch Remix // Michael Kiwanuka, Tom Misch

#27 - Grind // Les Sins

#26 - Lymaks // FORQ

I mean, just the band name alone is awesome! And then they go and write Lymaks??! Brilliant. A pure instrumental jam that proves musicianship is very much alive and well.

#25 - Conrad // SOHN

#24 - Fredonia Drive // Jarami

#23 - Time Piece // Exmag

Another excellent instrumental masterpiece. If the odd time signatures, wicked synth work, and timely drop outs aren't enough for ya, well, go read a book, kid.

#22 - Over My Shoulder // Two Another

Where's Waldo!!!

#21 - WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams // Missy Elliot, Pharrell Williams

Another slammer I was late to game to, but this time I just straight up missed this one. Love Pharrell. Love Missy. Not sure how this one slipped through the cracks when it came out in 2015. I swear, everything Pharrell touches turns into a four-beat, one bar, stuttery intro.... and also pure gold.

20 - 11

#20 - Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Anderson .Paak, Kendrick Lamar

AHHHH I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Two of my all time favorites kicking ass on one song. What else do you need in a funky dance hip/hop soul jam??? So much fun and I hope these two keeps doing more things like this.

#19 - Shooting Star // PAELLAS

One day I'll write a song with a guitar line as cool as this one. Until then, I'll just keep listening to it on repeat.

#18 - Fall Back 2U // Chromeo

If a saxophone conceived a child with a talkbox on top of a synth Fall Back 2U is what you would get. It's science, people.

#17 - Summertime Magic // Childish Gambino

#16 - Lover // Emily C. Browning, Tree Theater

This Kiwi rocks. Incredible voice. Rips on the guitar. And from her Instagram posts, she seems like a very pleasant human being. Lover just struts along as Emily's crooning vocals cruises down the proverbial unmarked path on your hike into a tropical coastal forest. If there was somebody I'd love to collaborate with, Emily C. Browning is definitely on the top of that list.

#15 - Another You (feat. Ruckazoid) // Breakbot, Ruckazoid

#14 - This Is America // Childish Gambino

Contraband, contraband, contraband...

#13 - Genie (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) // Busy P, Mayer Hawthorne

#12 - Wildfire // Jordan Rakei

Nope, not the same wildfire that Tyrion used on Stanis' ships during the Battle of the Blackwater, but just as equally explosive.

#11 - Everybody Knows // Kimbra

Wow.... this song. When Kimbra dropped this as her first single off her most recent album "Primal Heart" I was floored. If I ever write a song this good I can die a happy man.

TOP 10

#10 - Who R U? // Anderson .Paak

I don't know who I am but I wish I was the person who wrote this song. Yes lawd!

#9 - Feels Like Summer // Childish Gambino

My official song of the summer of 2018. How could it not be?? Can't think of another song that makes me feel so cool while listening. Guaranteed to be a slammer for many summer pool parties to come.

#8 - Feel Good (feat. Russ Liquid) // Gibbz, Russ Liquid

Ah.... my feel good song of 2018! This jam lives up to its name. Try blasting this song on a lazy Sunday morning to help get your day started on the right foot or while you're driving down the coast as the sun sets with the windows down and this song blasting through your speakers. Trust me, you'll have a smile on your face before the trumpet solo.

#7 - New Light // John Mayer

My boy! JM does it again. This time ditching the crooning, singer-songwriter garb, and hoisting a more modern electronic drum, auto-tuned harmony, pseudo funk pop jam. If you're a long time Mayer fan like myself, this was a breath of fresh air.

#6 - Evergreen // YEBBA

Best new female vocalist of 2019. There. I said it. This woman... WOW. I'll put money down right now. Anybody want to bet against me?? Well if you do, you may think twice after listening to this unbelievable song and performance by soon-to-be superstar YEBBA. Think Adele but less tears and more groove while listening.

#5 - Midnight Mischief - Tom Misch Remix // Joran Rakei, Tom Misch

Jordan Rakei's original version of Midnight Mischief is SICK. So how Tom Misch was able to make another version that sounds just as cool?... Well, I guess you just gotta be Tom Misch. Two fabulous musicians, songwriters, and producers combined into one. I'll take this for my #5 of 2018, thank you very much.

#4 - Fading Youth // Punctual

It's hard for me to put into words why this song is so amazing. The best way I can put it is that you have to feel why this song is so amazing. Arriving at #4 right when it was supposed is Fading Youth by Punctual.

#3 - Human // Kimbra

I got a heart that's primal. You got a heart that's primal. We all have hearts that are primal. Human. Kimbra. Simply just brilliant prog-pop at its finest. #3 for me in 2018.

#2 - Belong (feat. Kimbra) // Fyfe, Kimbra

I don't think there was a better "stroll along down the streets with your headphones on" type of song than this one for me in 2018. I get lost in the silky smooth tones of this jam every single time I put it on. A wonderful collab between two extremely talented artists.

#1 - Man Like You // Tom Misch

This song gets me right in the feels. Whenever I hear this song all I can think about is how much I feel like the boy and man in this song. It fills me up to the stars and calms me down to the Earth. It reminds me that everything is going to be okay. The imagery of the lyrics makes me want to cry. The unbelievably soulful orchestral work and guitar slaying inspires me with every note. Just a well thought out and powerful piece of artwork. When I die, this very well could be the song that plays at my funeral. Ladies and gents, my #1 song of 2018, Man Like You by Tom Misch. Enjoy.

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